Training To Test Standard

FREE ASSESSMENT – Why Train with Alpha

We offer a wide choice of courses to suit all abilities which are carefully structured to give you the best possible chance of passing your test first time. Each student who completes a FREE assessment with Alpha will be recommended a course to suit their ability either a restricted or Direct Access Test. As everyone’s needs are very different, we can tailor the course to suit each individual and therefore maximise the safety and training value for each session.


We produce our own Training Guide to accompany the course covering the whole syllabus. These guides are given to all DAS students, and have been invaluable for taking notes and refreshing lessons already completed. They also contain the questions that will be asked by the examiner before and after the test.

Definition of experience

NONE – Total nvice who has never been on a bike or only for a few minutes or just a Get On Free Ride.

MINIMAL – Someone who has ridden on holiday, just mopeds or has only done the CBT; we would expect this person to be able to pull away, stop, start and change gear as a minimum.

SOME – This would be someone who has ridden a lot in the past, such as moto-cross or pre-CBT; we would expect them to be able to ride reasonably competently.

LOTS – (Done CBT), this would be someone who is currently riding their own bike and who has done their CBT in the past two years, or who has a full motorcycle licence from a foreign country, or who is upgrading from a Restricted Licence (Progressive Access).

Remember we are not only teaching you to pass your test, we teach you to ride as well !

4 ½ DAY – This is by far the most popular course that we run for D.A.S. The ‘average’ course, however, you would need some experience on two wheels. Module 1 and 2 Test included.

5 ½ DAY – This course is for a student who is a bit ‘rusty’ on a bike! Not initially comfortable on a larger machine. Again module 1 and 2 tests included.

CBT must be completed prior to commencing the 4 ½ & 5 ½ Day courses.

6 ½ DAY Novice – This is for a student with little or no experience on two wheels. We begin with the CBT on day 1. Day 2 sees you returning to the safety of off road training area where you are converted on to the 500cc machine for familiarisation and Mod 1 test training. Mod 1 and 2 Tests included.

7 ½ DAY Novice Xtra – A very comprehensive course. We begin with CBT on the first day. You will then continue with a full day on the road getting used to two wheels still on the 125cc machine. Day 3 sees you returning to the training area to begin familiarisation and Mod 1 training on the 500cc machine. Mod 1 and 2 Tests included.

*** All our students practice on and attempt a mock test using the DSA’s actual MMA (Motorcycle Manoeuvring Area) During your course in preparation for the Module 1 Test ***

*** Training days 5-6 hrs + (1 hr lunch) ***