CBT Training

The CBT Course was introduced to teach the basic fundamentals of motorcycling to complete beginners; even if you are an experienced rider we guarantee that you will learn something new. The majority of the CBT is conducted in safety on a large DVSA approved off-road training area, culminating in a minimum 2 hour ride on the road covering all hazards likely to be encountered in everyday riding. The CBT course lasts for the full day. We have helmets, gloves, jackets and waterproofs also mopeds and 125cc motorcycles available for our students to loan free of charge in order to complete the course.

Remember, CBT is not a test, simply an assessment of your riding ability.

Theory Test Training


The Theory Test now consists of 2 elements. The first section consists of multiple choice questions, in which you have 57 minutes to answer 50 questions. To pass you need to answer 43 or more correctly. The second section consists of 14 video clips containing 15 developing hazards. Each time you see a developing hazard you must press the mouse button and if correctly identified within the ‘marking’ window you will score between 1 and 5 marks. The pass mark for this section is 44. BOTH sections must be passed at one sitting.