Compulsory Basic Training was introduced on the 1st December 1990 to improve Road Safety and reduce the risk of accidents among the very young and vulnerable new riders.


It is a course of instruction that can only be conducted by an Approved Motorcycle Training Bodies appointed by the Governments Driving Standards Agency.


The CBT at a ratio of 1 to 4 is conducted usually in a single day. Taking the beginner through a course of instruction starting with a class room lecture and video after registration and compulsory Eye Sight Check in the morning.
The students are then shown the controls of their machine accompanied by basic machine checks. The Off Road Practical Riding begins with how to move off and stop the machine, working through normal braking and emergency braking techniques, slow control operation and left and right turns.


After lunch, in the classroom, the instructor will work through positioning of the machine, types of junctions and hazard awareness in preparation for a two hour road ride, where the student must demonstrate, good hazard awareness, anticipation of the actions of other road users and of course safe control of their machine.


On successful completion of their proficiency check-ride, the CBT Certificate is issued, valid for 2 years (please see our LAW page for further details). For those wishing to gain their full motorcycle licence this is the first day of all our training Courses.