A2 License Training

At the age of 19 you can take your A2 category licence. As usual CBT, theory, mod 1 and mod 2 test will be required. This licence will allow you to ride a motorcycle producing NO MORE than 94bhp, which MUST BE restricted to 47bhp. Having held an A2 licence for 2 years you will be eligable to continue on to your A category (unlimited motorcycle licence) training, where you will be required to take the mod 1 and mod 2 tests ONLY on a machine of 67bhp or larger, usually a 600cc bike.


Progressive Access

Upgrading to A is simpler than you think, we need you to attend a module 1 training session and one day “refresher” on a 650cc – In Preperation for your mod 2 test. This course will be suitable for those that have ridden continually since passing their A2 test. (if you have held the A2 Category for 2 full years no theory test or CBT is required).